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An eerie glow dances off the walls in a room, subtle ticks and clicks echoing from the strange device. An array of blue infusions cascade off wood, steel and fabric… complimented by the sporadic blinking of tiny LED buttons intent on communicating the sheer volume of work at hand being processed voraciously. Another Nitrogen bubble pops in protest as a crooked spine attempts to right itself, following countless hours of supporting a back bent over the ever-demanding Keys of QWERTY.

the glow.... the beautiful glow........

The origins of Tiberium...

I felt inclined to write that little piece last night whilst taking a quick break from being a genius. Those of you who follow have been fortunate enough to be deemed a friend (or eagerly follow blips of my existence on twitter) would know what I’m talking about. Strange how these bouts of creativity always seem to hit me when the stress levels are peaking, exhaustion kicks in or while I find myself embracing the loving arms of inebriation…

That being said, on to today’s meaningless banter: professionalism. I’d like to think myself being able to do the whole “working as a professional” scene rather well, even if I do say so myself. More often than not I find myself putting my clients’ needs and satisfaction before my own. I would much rather get a pat on the back from a satisfied client than someone living under the illusion of being my boss. As a matter of fact, I have been fortunate enough over the past few weeks to receive recognition from both avenues.

yep. you know it.

For years I had to be subject to what, in my opinion, may be considered legalised slavery – i.e. I was busy completing my articles for CA (SA). Even though I have the world’s respect for the women who was ultimately my boss, I found myself squaring off against pretty much all other forms of “authority” in our firm on quite a regular basis. I refused to be dragged into the slums of office politics, and endeavoured avoiding said politics as soon as its pungent odour seemed to whiff around. This, obviously, made some people very angry – not to mention frustrated.

Fortunately, I managed to catch the attention of an individual who had the same arrogant swagger as I did, of course sprinkled with a healthy dose of disdain for stupidity as well – acknowledgement was made relatively early on in the contracted era of slave labour. I got handed the more complicated projects and notoriously difficult clients (strangely enough), thriving on it instead of buckling under the pressure as the majority of brown-nosers would have hoped. This did not go unnoticed, which also (thank goodness) resulted in the majority of my projects being run directly with our main partner (boss-lady referred to above).

stfu, sir.

Though not at all times, but somehow the facts above facilitated avoidance of individuals who were intent on practising Neanderthal-reminiscent management styles. These kindergarten principles were still shoved up my nose, along with everything else the other control freaks deemed necessary for nasal ingestion, but I held fast to simply keeping my head down, doing my work and delivering a quality product to our clients. Sure, it’s not easy when you have a fat blob blocking your road to success, but by golly: I know how to operate a friggen chain-saw and I wasn’t going to let some sans ambition slug stop me! Needless to say, everything worked out pretty well.

In comparison, the new company I find myself working for at the moment is (almost) completely the opposite. Since day 1 here I’ve made no secret of my approbation for the executive team running things. Without exception, the guys at the top are all, simply put: brilliant. Even though every individual has years of experience on you and an unimaginable wealth of knowledge, they work side-by-side with the grubs and encourage personal development and professional growth around every corner. Regardless of them being able to afford it ten times over, there isn’t even the slightest suggestion of any “holier-than-thou” in the air – very pleasurable (and right down my alley) working environment.

But enough subliminal PR for today – in making sure you actually enjoy your work, the folks here pretty much guarantee quality service delivery to their clients. Whereas I held on to the fact that my clients were happy with my work in the past, I can now enjoy my superiors’ acknowledgement of “a job well done” as well (which is pretty frikken awesome, to be quite honest). In my opinion, the way any business is managed (especially its employees, growing proportionately with its size) determines its overall success. Ironically enough, the majority of companies sporting both middle and top management fail to realise that a happy employee is going to be far more productive than someone who’s miserable.

I’d also like to find out from you guys what motivates you to give your best in a professional sense of things? Customer satisfaction and learning something new are my main drivers – I love taking things apart, understanding them completely and then being able to put it all back together again (possibly even in an improved state, if at all possible). Should someone be able to benefit from the whole process (be it my clients, colleagues, employer, etc.), all the better!

Those of you who have spent more than just a drink in my company should also know I have big plans for the future… I distinctly remember someone I used to work with a couple years back even saying “No, Ian – I’m afraid I won’t be able to employ you on a full-time basis… you simply have too much ambition!”

I enjoyed that.

Someone not necessarily knowing you all that well having that much faith in your dreams and aspirations – just the right kind of thing facilitating the drive to excel even more :)

As divulged way up top, I started writing this little piece just because I felt like (digitally) scribbling some useless crap while waiting for a range of SQL databases to migrate and settle into their new home. I hope you inexplicably find some value in it and thus thank y’all for giving me the opportunity to waste a couple o’ minutes of your life – ones you’ll never be able to get back :)

Here’s to wishing you all a wonderful week and looking forward to hearing what motivates you to “Be All You Can Be” (in the professional world).

//‘bunny out.

The Piano Man

this man is a legend. i went to see him last night with my folks and sister. first time in the country and the crowd loved him. Billy Joel knows how to make music. haven’t seen my folks in ages either, so it was a nice family gathering-type thing.

my boss (still can’t believe i actually got one of those, ugh) got a hold of me as well the other day. apparently you’re not allowed to rest your eyes after two consecutive weeks of murderous f.cking work and not sleeping enough – never mind the factory fumes we have rammed down our throats every day and the shite we have to eat up from the stupid-arse client. i need to kill someone again. it just makes you feel better… but yeah, i’ve actually got to go and be productive again now.

i don’t even feel like writing, actually… so bugger off and go something else!

well, i haven’t written anything in months. a lot has happened since then: i actually started my professional life, i bought my own place (kind of), the girl whom i thought i would marry cheated on me with a real dick, i overdosed on everything i could get my hands on… life’s been busy.

shortly after my previous post (in january, ffs), i started looking for a job. can’t really remember if i mentioned it before, but i had been told that i have reached the stage where i need to be 100% financially independent. i messed around for the most of january and february while looking for a job. there was many a night that was filled with enough alcohol to take down a smallish buffalo, lamenting my unfortunate position of having no future whatsoever. i enjoyed the last days at varsity where i could just keep going and going and going and not having to worry about what i look (or smell) like the following morning.

eventually i found a place where i started my articles for CA, all excited about the concept of actually getting paid for doing some work (not that you could call an article clerk’s “salary” pay).

ag, you know what? fuck it. i got this in an e-mail today:

yeah, FUKiTOL. so my life sucked. so the girl of my dreams cheated on me. so i OD’d. yippety-frikkin-doo-da. what do you care anyways? why the hell am i writing this? i don’t get paid enough either. bitch bitch bitch, moan moan moan.

moving into my new place today, it’s schweet… 2 bedrooms and a loft, can’t wait to get in there. sure, its gonna be empty as hell (article clerk salary=something laughable, even in Africa) – but at least i won’t have to deal with other people’s crap any more. mmmkay, i should prolly go look busy before my boss (can’t belive i actually have one of those now) shits on me for being tired on a friday afternoon. f.ck.

‘ave a good one y’all. drink too much, your liver dies with you.

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