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Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I’ve finally done it.

I just sat here for hours and swore the living crap out of literally every coders who had dedicated a good part of his brilliant career to bring us the ability to blog via WordPress. Brilliant work, but basic bloody paragraphing seems to elude these geniuses completely. I mean, it’s not bloody rocket-science. Make the HTML listen to what the writer says.

Anyhoo. I’ve also managed to dig out 5 blog-posts I composed during a very turbulent time in my life (give-or-take 10 Gregorian years ago)…and I’m ever-so-slightly tired after bashing away at little white letters dancing all over black keys, both concepts held captive by the wonder some of you may refer to as a “laptop” – yes, I think I should go get some beer as well.

The actual “blog” is thus still under construction, but feel free to poke around and scribble your own meandering all over the place. Should you find my scribbles entertaining, kewl. If you find yourself having to consume potentially unhealthy amounts of caffeine (or anything else, for that matter) in order to retain consciousness while assimilating the incredible volumes of knowledge hidden in these pages… help yourself to some Patron XO and bugger off :)



and thus refuge is found

yeah, so i finally decided to get my own blog. kinda liked the idea of being able to spew forth random words and not really caring who thinks what about it.

i wouldn’t say i’m new to the digital world of on-line lovingness, but this is the first time i’ve actually started something like this. i used to post on a couple of forums, have a clan site (way back in the day) etc etc, but this seems like an interesting concept. honestly, i won’t be able to devote myself so much to this new venture as much as i’d like to over the next few weeks: i’ve got exams coming, and i need to impress. so, tally ho and all that rot – i gots to go try and get as much knowledge into my head as ‘kind-of-humanly’ possible.

see y’all later…

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