As creatures of the night slithered away, savouring the wake of destruction and mayhem left by Midnight Storm, the herald of Day crested horizons across the world. Darkened chaos glittered with beauty as rays from the sun danced across and endless veil of pearls, little droplets nourishing all things living on a patch of dirt some refer to as Earth.



I am fortunate enough to be blessed with a disturbingly interesting life. Things Happen. It has been said I give new meaning to the phrase Carpe Diem. I like that. A recent conversation with someone I trust, more than most, revealed an opinion the world apparently has of the days I spend here: should life ever banish me to a small little town in the middle of nowhere, I would simply wither away and die.

I’m addicted to people. I need them. Ironically enough, the very concept of humanity sickens me beyond all comparison. I can’t stand it. Heaven forbid I ever get my hands on anything even closely resembling a Weapon of Mass Destruction – I’d have a frikken ball, completely with one of those awesome evil maniacal laughs you only ever see in the movies – and enjoy every minute of it with the glee only an evil master-mind could ever grasp. Don’t get me wrong: there are many things in this world I rather enjoy as well. If you know where to look, there are places and things hidden from plain sight which leave you, quite plainly, breathless.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the most incredible dreams. To quote an update from my facebook profile: “my mind, especially the subconscious constituent, should NEVER be unleashed!”

why are you hovering over this?

where dreams are born

I had everything in there – family, aspirations, ex-girlfriends, Death (supposedly a good thing), the future from more than a few viewpoints, past lifetimes, friends, an ocean, a forest, a city wrought in devastation… everything. The worlds I explored in my dreams were a series of places that I had, in fact, visited before whilst escaping from the Real. I wish I had the talent to project these worlds on canvas – they are phenomenal, in every sense of the word. According the experts, one is not supposed to remember dreams in too much detail. Even though I’m sure there are many times I find myself dreaming and not even knowing about it the next morning, the detail with which I remember other times is amazing.

I’ve actually been considering jotting down the stories as they unfold in my World. More often than not, I recognise the milieu I find myself in. Every now and again I even live in these worlds as the same character, merely experiencing another sliver in their vastly complex lives. I’ve even had dreams where I’m a different character in the same dreams, albeit several years between these experiences and somehow remembering the connection when waking up the next morning.

OK wait – track back a bit. I’ve managed to interrupt myself in what I was originally writing about: people. Sure, dreams kind of have something to do with people – apparently specifically so when it comes to people in both my life and dreams. But that’s not the point.

I set out writing this morning because I simply wanted to. I woke up feeling great on a day most people despise about as much as a fat kid despises sharing his ice-cream. I rather enjoy Mondays – I have that whole feeling of new in everything I do. Fresh. Invigorating. Aspiration.

That very feeling this morning inspired to write more as well. I’ve apparently “resurrected” my “blog” from many years back – reviving a concept explored whilst going through a very dark time in my life, and before the advent and ever-increasing popularity of social media sites. It was literally the only way to share anything with whoever was interested in reading your drivel. Subsequent to those few rants from someone who didn’t have the faintest idea what to do with all this overwhelming emotion, Mark Zuckerberg was kind enough to throw faceBook out there. The social media site offered a new avenue of expression to the unfortunate masses who don’t share our love of all things Geek.

Facebook provided an opportunity to get into touch with the world on a whole new level. I’ll admit that the majority of my status updates in my early days there were still rather depressing and whatnot – I can’t imagine how anybody would be interested in the crap I posted. Just over three years later, I find myself using both Facebook and twitter as an integral part of my life. The term “micro-blogging” hails from combined statements made by Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams when describing their brain-child.

click it and see pictures.
Until recently, I was content with sharing my life via the said micro-blogging avenues – I tell the world everything via or Sure, a lot of people are concerned with their privacy and the amazing facility these technologies give to tweet. tweet.stalkers, but that’s something I’ll explore in another drivel-spat. As mentioned above, I find myself amidst a myriad of thoughts encouraging yet another bout of reconstruction in my life. I’m quite happy to do so – cut away the dead parts and prepare to become an even greater individual than before. In my never-ending quest for self-improvement, I have also decided to heed the many voices encouraging me to write more.

I would therefore like to commit myself to sharing with the world more often, from a platform allowing more breadth than an update here and there. It should also be noted that I am still new to the world of blogging, regardless of the time-stamps on my initial venture into the Digital Unknown. Seeing as the majority of people reading this are probably also following me on twitter or have befriended me on faceBook, I would thus like to invite everyone to give feedback on what they would find most entertaining from my perspective.

I know one has to explore oneself in finding what you prefer writing about, and I most definitely intend to do so in the coming weeks (with the help of many a bottle of fine red wine), but I’d still appreciate the odd nudge here and there.

Here’s to wishing y’all an awesome week ahead and looking forward to many a 2c being tossed my way.

//teh ‘bunny.

chilli farts. deadly.

Angel of Destruction