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well, i haven’t written anything in months. a lot has happened since then: i actually started my professional life, i bought my own place (kind of), the girl whom i thought i would marry cheated on me with a real dick, i overdosed on everything i could get my hands on… life’s been busy.

shortly after my previous post (in january, ffs), i started looking for a job. can’t really remember if i mentioned it before, but i had been told that i have reached the stage where i need to be 100% financially independent. i messed around for the most of january and february while looking for a job. there was many a night that was filled with enough alcohol to take down a smallish buffalo, lamenting my unfortunate position of having no future whatsoever. i enjoyed the last days at varsity where i could just keep going and going and going and not having to worry about what i look (or smell) like the following morning.

eventually i found a place where i started my articles for CA, all excited about the concept of actually getting paid for doing some work (not that you could call an article clerk’s “salary” pay).

ag, you know what? fuck it. i got this in an e-mail today:

yeah, FUKiTOL. so my life sucked. so the girl of my dreams cheated on me. so i OD’d. yippety-frikkin-doo-da. what do you care anyways? why the hell am i writing this? i don’t get paid enough either. bitch bitch bitch, moan moan moan.

moving into my new place today, it’s schweet… 2 bedrooms and a loft, can’t wait to get in there. sure, its gonna be empty as hell (article clerk salary=something laughable, even in Africa) – but at least i won’t have to deal with other people’s crap any more. mmmkay, i should prolly go look busy before my boss (can’t belive i actually have one of those now) shits on me for being tired on a friday afternoon. f.ck.

‘ave a good one y’all. drink too much, your liver dies with you.


and thus we are doomed.

one would think that after a whole month of technically getting away from it all would fix whatever ailment drove you out of your sad little mind in the first place…

well, it doesn’t.

i got back to the country of my so-called academic training the other day, the sole reason being that those bastards “assessing” me told me that i’m so incredibly stupid that i basically have to redo my entire year in four days just to reconcile myself. needless to say i failed miserably in doing so with my first attempt tonight. i don’t know what it is with that bloody subject – i just can’t seem to write any form of exam on it. mind you, if i had done the exam by method of muttering the cursed words to the “assessors”, i think i would ave done considerably better. unfortunately, being the lowly inapt scrub that i am to them – i had to dribble what little i could onto a wad of morbidly coloured papers.

i have also effectively wasted the whole of tonight sitting here in my room being eaten dead (note: not alive. dead. d-e-d. get it? oh f.cuk off) by the absolute depressing state of matters. it’s enough to make despondency look cheerful. guess i’d better get off to bed then – i’d actually like to do something about my future tomorrow…

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